Your guest's world is a mobile world and reaching your guests 'on the go' is more important than ever.  Leverage the power of connecting directly with your mobile guest using the latest innovation in the mobile technology for the service industry - SKIGEE!

With SKIGEE you can SMS your guests quickly and easily. SKIGEE connects seamlessly to your PMS, so you don't have to re-enter any numbers. SKIGEE organizes your guests under different views (in-house, pre-arrival and checked-out) so that you can easily  SMS your guests from the time they make a reservation until after they check out.

SKIGEE as a Communication System

SKIGEE can be used as a Communication system, Marketing system and Alerting system. A hotel can create a single corporate account and then create different User IDs linked to it. Multiple departments can use SKIGEE at the same time and they can create a shared guest address book.

SKIGEE enables you to send important information to your guests via SMS. Messages can be sent automatically on the basis of certain events, on a pre-defined schedule, or manually.  This means that SKIGEE can automatically send your guests an SMS to reconfirm their reservation a few days before they arrive. Your travel desk can SMS airport pick up details to the guests so they know exactly where to find the hotel car when they exit the terminal building. Operators can take messages for in-house guests that aren't in their rooms and SMS them the information.

SKIGEE as a Marketing System

You can use SKIGEE to send out marketing and promotional messages to your room guests and to your non-room guests. The SKIGEE address book lets you store contact information of all your guests. You can compose a promotional message and send it to your guests with a single click. You can schedule the messages to be dispatched at a specific time and create recurring schedules for messages that must be sent every day, week or month.

Using these features, you can execute SMS marketing campaigns that are specifically targeted at certain guests. You can send messages to your room guests promoting your on-property F&B outlets and even incentivizing them with a discount or special offer.

SKIGEE as an Alert System

SKIGEE can send messages to all your guests or staff with a single key press. In the event of an emergency, you can use this feature to SMS all your guests instantly. For example, in the event of a suspected fire alarm, you can SMS your guests appropriate safety instructions.